Books for First Nighters

Give a Book has recently launched a new project – Books for First Nighters – providing books for those on their first night in custody with the aim of offering some comfort, mental release to the new arrivals and also hopefully facilitating the relationship between staff and inmates.   Several prisons have asked for ideas to help ease the difficult and traumatic transition into prison life, and we are currently piloting the scheme at three prisons, hoping to expand according to lessons learnt, individual prison requirements, and funding.


“This has … proven to be an excellent example of restorative practice where not only is there the generous and humane act of giving a book to an individual, but they are being given ownership and responsibility. In fact the inmates have appreciated this service so much that the majority of books are being voluntarily returned to the committal landing staff in perfect condition so that others can also benefit from this scheme on offer.” – Unit Manager, Northern Ireland

‘Amazing. This has helped to keep my mind off jail on my first night in here’ – Prisoner, Northern Ireland

‘I haven’t read a book in years and really enjoyed it’ – Prisoner, Northern Ireland